Sexy writing – Three top picks of the week

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Sexy writing – Three top picks of the week

We’ve got some serious treats for you this week, in the form of some of the sexiest writing around. You know how we love pleasure, so whether it’s on your own or something to read with a partner to get you both in the mood, we wanted to give you some hot inspiration.

From real-life tales of intense, romantic love to fantasies involving whips and submission, here are some stories that got our attention. Let us know which one’s your favourite, and if you’ve spotted something great, or you’ve written something on your own blog, add a link to the comments and we’ll try to include it in future posts!

View from the Bridal Suite

One of the things we don’t see enough in erotic novels is a sexy portrayal of real relationships. While it might be hot for some people to imagine a dominant billionaire, it’s worth remembering that some of the most sizzling and intense sex happens between couples who are deeply into each other.

What better way to celebrate this than with an erotic telling of the tale of a couple’s wedding night? Congratulations to gorgeous sex blogger @ladypandorah, who gives a sensual and delicious snapshot of her own wedding night, and – we assume – is now off to enjoy her honeymoon!

Soltado ・ female dominance

A story for women who like being in control, and for the men who want to lie back and watch as she gets off. This erotic tale by @EasilyAroused, captures an atmosphere of control and domination that many of us may have experimented with before.

If you’re looking for inspiration on playing with dominance and submission, or if you just like to hear about how others do it, then this one’s for you.

Surrender ・ pain and pleasure and play

How about a story from the guy’s point of view? This story begins right in the action – our submissive main character is being whipped by a dominant and determined woman.

Written by @bawdybloke, ‘Surrender’ is quite a rare no-holds-barred glimpse into the mind of a submissive man. Read it if you want to cause your partner pain, and if he’s keen to give you the power…

And if all that’s fired up your imagination, and you’d like to try your own hand at sexy words, The Dot Spot has published an excellent video this week that gives an introduction to dirty talk. Dorothy explains how dirty talk isn’t just about turning your partner on – using your voice frees you up, and can help you to relax, let go, and have amazing sex.


  • ladypandorah says:

    Thank you for featuring me this week! I’ve not been posting as regularly as I would wish so it’s thrilled me that you have enjoyed my offering enough to put it in your Top 3 picks!

    LadyP xo

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