real life sex stories

Real life sex stories

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Real life sex stories courtesy of the top sex bloggers

If you don’t follow many sex bloggers, now’s a great chance to get to know your favourites. This month there are two key sex blog competitions – both aiming to highlight the hottest and most informative sex writing from around the world.

Kinkly is accepting votes for your favourite bloggers, and Between My Sheets is taking nominations for the best ones too.

We thought it’d be a good chance to introduce you to some of the people who were voted into Kinkly’s top 100 sex bloggers last year. So without further ado, here are some fantastic real-life sex stories.

Warm up with Jilly Boyd…

There’s a gorgeous tingling anticipation when you realise there’s a sexual possibility. That knowing look that you share with your partner, or a secret fantasy that flashes through your head. We just love this evocative post from Jilly Boyd (aka Lady Laid Bare) in which she talks about those ‘could have’ moments

“My hand was already hovering on the waistband of my trousers, and I imagined what it would be like if, just like that, I slipped it in and tried to find my pleasure.”

Wake up with Hyacinth…

The excellent Hyacinth from ‘A Dissolute Life Means…’ tells some wonderful true stories on her blog. She captures the fun and playfulness of relationships along with deeply sexual stories. One of her recent tales involves an early morning wake-up call that’ll definitely get your heart racing…

“We writhed and moaned and I filled my nostrils with his scent, his beard scratched my neck and cheek and face.  I began to lose myself in the movements and my demure little moans morphed into bursts of sound as he slammed into me.”

Go out with Symone…

This one’s an older post, but well worth catching up with if you’ve never read Symone’s blog. It’s a true-life account of a visit to a Toronto sex club. It’s not about leaping into an orgy, and joining the sweaty tangle of limbs: the whole post is about voyeurism, and the joy of watching other people.

“The foursome was intense and rough while the couple of the bed beside them was slow and sensual. For some time I was very taken by the couple. You could really see how much they loved each other in the way they kissed and touched, the way they looked into each other’s eyes and it was very beautiful to watch.”

And wind down with Evoë…

Do you ever get those times when you know sex is the only thing that will relieve your stress or tension? Well, this one’s for you. A playful, honest, intense story about stress and sex, and that ‘I simply have to have you‘ moment…

“Even before the car came to a full stop in the small dark deserted public parking lot, we were passionately making out. His hand was down my shirt, trying to liberate my breasts, or at least my nipples.”

If you liked these stories, and any of the others we’ve linked to from our blog, please do go and vote for your favourite sex bloggers over at Kinkly or BetweenMySheets. We won’t tell you who we’re voting for, but the good news is you can vote for more than one. Because with so much great stuff, how could anyone pick between them?

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